[TYPES] 2nd Workshop on the Rewriting Calculus

Horatiu Cirstea Horatiu.Cirstea at loria.fr
Fri Mar 18 16:22:42 EST 2005

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    2nd Workshop on the Rewriting Calculus
    30-31 May, 2005
    Ecole  Polytechnique, Palaiseau (near Paris), FRANCE,


The rewriting calculus has been introduced as a general means to
uniformly integrate rewriting and lambda calculus. This calculus makes
explicit and first-class all of its components: matching (possibly
modulo given theories), abstraction, application and substitutions.

The rewriting calculus is designed and used for logical and semantical
purposes. It could be used with powerful type systems and for
expressing the semantics of rule based as well as object oriented
paradigms. It allows one to naturally express exceptions and
imperative features as well as expressing elaborated rewriting

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers working
on rewriting calculus and related topics, and to provide a
forum for presenting new ideas and work in progress. It will be an
opportunity to present recent and ongoing work, to meet colleagues,
and to discuss new ideas and future trends.  The previous edition of
the workshop was held in Nancy (http://rho.loria.fr/workshop2004.html).

The topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to, the
following aspects of the rewriting calculus:
- types
- operational semantics
- models
- implementation issues
- applications
- relationship with other rewriting formalisms (lambda-calculus,
   higher-order rewriting, combination of lambda-calculus and

The abstracts describing research on the above mentioned area must
be in pdf (or standard postscript) format, up to two pages long and
should be sent by e-mail to workshop-rho at loria.fr.

Informal proceedings will be available at the workshop.  After the
workshop, full versions of selected papers will be published, after
standard refereeing, as a volume in ENTCS.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is

      7 May, 2005.

Workshop chairs:
Maribel Fernandez
Horatiu Cirstea

Workshop organizer:
Francois-Regis Sinot

There is no registration fee, but please register by sending an
email to  workshop-rho at loria.fr  before 15 May, 2005.

Important dates:
  Deadline for submissions:         7 May, 2005
  Notification of acceptance:      12 May, 2005
  Deadline for registration:         15 May, 2005
  Workshop:                             30-31 May, 2005

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