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Dino Distefano ddino at dcs.qmul.ac.uk
Fri Apr 1 12:57:48 EST 2005

========================== CALL FOR PAPERS ===========================

			     COSMICAH 2005
First international workshop on verification of COncurrent Systems with
dynaMIC Allocated Heaps

July 10, 2005, Lisboa, Portugal (a satellite workshop of ICALP 2005)



The ongoing growth in complexity of concurrent  programs requires new
techniques capable of predicting their runtime errors.  One of the
reasons this complexity arises is the use of dynamic memory allocation 
and of
recursive data structures in a concurrent setting.  This is the case of
most object-oriented languages with support for multithreading, where
communication between threads is performed via shared objects
implementing various synchronization policies.

   Over the past decade, new techniques for the analysis of object-based
and object-oriented programs have emerged.  These solutions stem from a
wide range of domains such as static analysis, model checking, theorem
proving and Hoare logic.

   This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from different
   subdomains of formal verification that share interest in the analysis
of concurrent heap-manipulating programs. Topics of interest are, but 
not limited to:

- application of graph rewriting to the verification of object-based 
- logics for describing heap topologies and their evolutions
- abstraction techniques for infinite-state systems with dynamic heaps
- high-level specification of local behaviors (e.g, object protocols, 
separation logic)
- comparisons between existing techniques and tools
- test cases and experimental results
- specification and analysis of security protocols

       Authors are invited to submit papers presenting recent work in 
the areas
       relevant for the scope of COSMICAH.  Contributions should not 
exceed 15
       pages in LNCS style.  Accepted papers will be published in 
       proceedings (as technical report of Queen Mary University of 
London) and
       distributed to the participants at the workshop. Given the 
       proceedings, submitting to COSMICAH does not preclude 
simultaneous or
       future submission of the paper to major conferences. In this
       sense COSMICAH represents for authors a great platform to present
       their work and receive feedback.

       To increase interaction among the participants, COSMICAH includes 
       special 5 minutes madness session.  Authors are invited to submit 
       page research abstracts/statement (on recent and/or ongoing work) 
       this session. Abstracts/statements will be considered on the 
bases of
       their originality and attractiveness to the scope of the workshop.

       Papers and abstracts should be submitted electronically (in ps or 
       format), by email to (ddino at dcs.qmul.ac.uk). Please indicate the 
type of
       your submission (regular paper or abstract).

Invited speaker: TBA

Important dates:
       Submission deadline for regular paper: May 13th, 2005
       Submission deadline for abstract/statements: June 10th, 2005
       Notification: June 17th, 2005
       Final version for informal proceedings: June 24th, 2005

Program Committee
Cristiano Calcagno (Imperial College, London)
Dino Distefano (Queen Mary, Univ. of  London, co-chair)
Peter Habermehl (Liafa, Paris 7 University)
Peter O'Hearn (Queen Mary, Univ. of London, general chair)
Radu Iosif (Verimag, Grenoble, co-chair)
Yassine Lakhnech (Verimag, Grenoble)
Arend Rensink (University of Twente, Enschede)
Robby (Kansas State University, Manhattan KS)
Eran Yahav (IBM Research, New York)

   Dino Distefano, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
   Radu Iosif, Verimag/CNRS, France

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