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*                                                                *
*        CALCO Young Researchers Workshop (CALCO-jnr 2005)       * 
*                                                                *
*       2 September 2005, University of Wales Swansea, UK        *
*      A satellite event of CALCO 2005, 3-6 September 2005       *
*                                                                *      
*              http://www.cs.swan.ac.uk/calco-jnr/               *
*                                                                *  
*          Abstract submission (2 pages):  April 30, 2005        *
* ---------------------------------------------------------------*     
*      NEWS:  *    Abstract Submission Guidelines      *         *
*             *       The Ultimate Beach Party         *         *
*             *    Invited Speakers for CALCO 2005     *         *

CMCS - the International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer
Science, and WADT - the Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques,
are joining their forces and reputations into a new highlevel
bi-annual conference.  Starting in 2005, CALCO will bring together
researchers and practitioners to exchange new results related to
foundational aspects and both traditional and emerging uses of
algebras and coalgebras in computer science.

The CALCO Young Researchers Workshop, CALCO-jnr, is a CALCO satellite
event dedicated to presentations by PhD students and by those who
completed their doctoral studies within the past few years. Attendance
at the workshop is open to all - it is anticipated that many CALCO
conference participants will want to attend the CALCO-jnr workshop
(and vice versa).

Some grants supporting the participation of young researchers will 
be provided.

Abstract submission

CALCO-jnr presentations will be selected according to originality, 
significance, and general interest, on the basis of submitted 2-page 
abstracts, by the organisers. A booklet with the abstracts of the 
accepted presentations will be available at the workshop.

The abstracts must be in pdf format, up to 2 pages long including 
references, in the style for publication in Lecture Notes in Computer 
Science (see http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html).

To submit an abstract, send a single e-mail to calco-jnr at swansea.ac.uk 

      1. The title of the abstract
      2. The names and affiliations of the author(s)
      3. The corresponding author's preferred e-mail address
      4. The submitted abstract in pdf

Receipt of the submission will be acknowledged.

Abstracts that substantially depart from the required format, style or 
length may be rejected without consideration.

Paper Submission

After the workshop, the author(s) of each presentation will be invited
to submit a full 10-15 page paper on the same topic. They will also be
asked to write (anonymous) reviews of papers submitted by other
authors on related topics; further reviewing, and the final selection
of papers, will be carried out by the organisers, assisted by members
of the CALCO PC.

The volume of selected papers from the workshop will be published as a
technical report at Swansea by the end of 2005. Authors will retain
copyright, and are also encouraged to disseminate the results reported
at CALCO-jnr by subsequent publication elsewhere.

Topics of Interest 

The CALCO Young Researchers Workshop will invite submissions on the
same topics as the CALCO conference: reporting results of theoretical
work on the mathematics of algebras and coalgebras, the way these
results can support methods and techniques for software development,
as well as experience with the transition of resulting technologies
into industrial practice. In particular, the workshop will encourage
submissions on the topics listed below, and on related topics.

Algebras and coalgebras as mathematical objects:

  Automata and languages
  Categorical semantics
  Hybrid, probabilistic, and timed systems
  Inductive and coinductive methods
  Modal logics
  Relational systems and term rewriting
Algebras and coalgebras in computer science:
  Abstract data types
  Algebraic and coalgebraic specification
  Calculi and models of concurrent, distributed, mobile, and 
    context-aware computing
  Formal testing and quality assurance
  General systems theory and computational models 
    (chemical, biological, etc)
  Generative programming and model-driven development
  Models, correctness and (re)configuration of 
  Re-engineering techniques (program transformation)
  Semantics of conceptual modelling methods and techniques
  Semantics of programming languages
  Validation and verification

Important Dates 

      30 April: Firm deadline for 2-page abstract submission
        31 May: Notification of abstract selection decision	
       30 June: Final version of abstract due

   2 September: CALCO Young Researchers Workshop 
 3-6 September:	CALCO Conference

  30 September:	Firm deadline for 10-15 page paper submission
   15 November:	Notification of paper selection decision
   30 November:	Final version of paper due

Organizing Committee

  Peter Mosses, University of Wales Swansea, UK
  John Power, University of Edinburgh, UK
  Monika Seisenberger, University of Wales Swansea, UK

Location and Organization

The City of Swansea dates from the 10th Century AD and is currently  
an expanding centre for high-tech industry. Swansea is located at 
the centre of the South Wales coastline, next to the Gower peninsula,
renowned for its dramatic coastal scenery and beaches. The conference
will be held on the Swansea University campus overlooking the sea. 
Accommodation will be available in newly-built halls of residence.

Social Event

The Young Researchers Workshop will be concluded by a Beach Party 
on the Friday evening, where CALCO-jnr participants will also meet 
participants arriving for the main CALCO 2005 conference.

Invited Speakers for CALCO 2005

  Samson Abramsky, University of Oxford, UK
  Vladimiro Sassone, University of Sussex, UK
  Gordon Plotkin, University of Edinburgh, UK

Please see http://www.cs.swan.ac.uk/calco/   
for further details on the main conference.

Monika Seisenberger
Department of Computer Science
University of Wales Swansea
Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP, UK
calco-jnr at swansea.ac.uk

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