[TYPES] Call for participation: Quantum Programming Languages workshop

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.uottawa.ca
Tue Apr 26 20:27:59 EDT 2005


     3nd International Workshop on Quantum Programming Languages

	       June 30 - July 1, 2005, Chicago, U.S.A.
		      Affiliated with LICS 2005


				* * *

  Registration for this workshop is now available, please see below
  for registration information and a list of talks. Note that the
  early hotel registration deadline for LICS is May 1.


  The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers working
  on mathematical foundations and programming languages for quantum
  computing. In the last few years, there has been a growing interest
  in logical tools, languages, and semantical methods for analyzing
  quantum computation. These foundational approaches complement the
  more mainstream research in quantum computation which emphasizes
  algorithms and complexity theory.

  Possible topics include the design and semantics of quantum
  programming languages, new paradigms for quantum programming,
  specification of quantum algorithms, higher-order quantum
  computation, quantum data types, reversible computation, axiomatic
  approaches to quantum computation, abstract models for quantum
  computation, properties of quantum computing resources and
  primitives, concurrent and distributed quantum computation,
  compilation of quantum programs, semantical methods in quantum
  information theory, and categorical models for quantum computation.

  Previous workshops in this series were held in Ottawa (2003) and
  Turku (2004).


  Registration and local arrangements will be handled through the
  LICS 2005 main conference (http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/als/lics/lics05/).
  There will be a small fee for attending the workshop, which will
  cover coffee breaks and the informal proceedings. Participants are
  encouraged to register as early as possible, as this will help us
  plan how many copies of the proceedings to print.


  * Hans J. Briegel (Innsbruck)


  * P. Adao, P. Mateus: "A process algebra for reasoning about quantum

  * T. Altenkirch, J. Grattage, J. K. Vizzotto, A. Sabry: "An Algebra of
    Pure Quantum Programming"

  * B. Coecke: "De-linearizing Linearity"

  * V. Danos, E. D'Hondt, E. Kashefi, P. Panangaden: "Distributed
    measurement-based quantum computation"

  * V. Danos, E. Kashefi: "Pauli measurements are universal"

  * R. Nagarajan, N. Papanikolaou, D. Williams: "Simulating and
    Compiling Code for the Sequential Quantum Random Access Machine"

  * S. Perdrix: "Toward Quantum Data Structures: Types and Subtypes for
    Entanglement and Separability"

  * P. Selinger : "Dagger compact closed categories and completely
    positive maps"

  * D. Unruh: "Quantum Programs with Classical Output Streams"

  * P. Zuliani: "Quantum programming with mixed states"


  Bob Coecke (Oxford)
  Simon Gay (Glasgow)
  Philippe Jorrand (Grenoble)
  Peter Selinger (Ottawa)


  Organizer: Peter Selinger
  Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  University of Ottawa, Canada
  Email: selinger at mathstat.uottawa.ca




  This workshop is made possible in part by funding from:
  MagiQ Technologies <http://www.magiqtech.com/>

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