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Mathematical Structures in Computer Science

Special Issue on Theory and Applications of Term Graph Rewriting

Following from the success of the TERMGRAPH series of workshops, there
will be a special issue of the journal Mathematical Structures in
Computer Science (MSCS, Cambridge University Press), to be published
in 2006, on Term Graph Rewriting. Submissions for this special issue
are hereby solicited.

Term graph rewriting is concerned with the representation of
expressions as graphs and their evaluation by rule-based graph
transformation.  The advantage of using graphs rather than strings or
trees is that common subexpressions can be shared, which improves the
efficiency of computations in space and time. Sharing is ubiquitous in
implementations of programming languages: many implementations of
functional, logic, object-oriented and concurrent calculi are based on
term graphs. Term graphs are also used in symbolic computation systems
and automated theorem proving. Research in term graph rewriting ranges
from theoretical questions to practical implementation issues.

Topics for the special issue include: the modelling of first- and
higher-order term rewriting by (acyclic or cyclic) graph rewriting,
the use of graphical frameworks such as interaction nets and sharing
graphs to model strategies of evaluation (for instance, optimal
reduction in the lambda calculus), rewrite calculi on cyclic
higher-order term graphs for the semantics and analysis of functional
programs, graph reduction implementations of programming languages and
automated reasoning, and symbolic computation systems working on
shared structures.

Submissions should be sent electronically to Ian Mackie
<ian at dcs.kcl.ac.uk> by 1st September 2005 (all submissions will be
acknowledged). Information about the journal, including style files,
can be found here:


Submissions will be refereed according to the usual very high
standards of MSCS. Ian Mackie and Detlef Plump will serve as guest
editors for this special issue. Final decisions on editorial matters
rest with the editor-in-chief of MSCS.

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