[TYPES] Accepted Papers - Structures and Deduction Workshop (ICALP'05 Satellite)

Paola Bruscoli Paola.Bruscoli at Inf.TU-Dresden.DE
Tue May 24 12:13:13 EDT 2005

[The cfp of this workshop was posted in your 
list, as well as a second message of deadline 
extension. We are announcing now the list of 
accepted papers, which might be of interest for 
the list too. Thanks! -Paola]

(ICALP Workshop-Lisbon July 16-17, 2005)

The quest for the essence of proofs


14 submissions were accepted. They are listed below, in no particular order.


Elaine Pimentel, Simona Ronchi della Rocca and Luca Roversi:
Intersection Types: a Proof-Theoretical Approach

Christophe Fouqueré and Virgile Mogbil:
Rewritings in polarized (partial) proof structures

Lutz Strassburger:
From Deep Inference to Proof Nets

Yves Guiraud:
The three dimensions of proofs

Gerard R. Renardel de Lavalette:
Abstract derivations, equational logic and interpolation

Estelle Dumoulin and Didier Galmiche:
Labelled Structures and Provability in Resource Logics - extended abstract

Joao Rasga:
Cut Elimination in Propositional Based Logics

Ewen Denney, John Power and Konstantinos Tourlas:
Hierarchical Proof Structures

Alessio Guglielmi:
The problem of bureaucracy and identity of proofs 
from the perspective of deep inference

Ozan Kahramanogullari, Pierre-Etienne Moreau and Antoine Reilles:
Implementing Deep Inference in TOM

Jean-Baptiste Joinet:
Completeness of MLL proof-nets w.r.t. weak distributivity

Kai Brünnler and Stéphane Lengrand:
On two forms of bureaucracy in derivations

Richard Iain McKinley:
Classical Categories and Deep Inference

Charles Stewart and Robert Hein:
Purity through unravelling

The authors are asked to prepare a 30 minute long presentation.
More information about venues, timetable, 
guidelines for final versions.... will
be available soon.

The deadline for early registration (ICALP and 
workshops) is May 31; we have been informed that 
the organizers are considering an extension on 
this deadline for authors who have had papers 
accepted at workshops. Please visit also the 
ICALP'05 site http://icalp05.di.fct.unl.pt

The organisers (Francois Lamarche - chair, Paola Bruscoli, Charles Stewart)

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