[TYPES] Latex input mode

Giuseppe Castagna Giuseppe.Castagna at ens.fr
Fri May 27 01:04:36 EDT 2005

Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
> Bill Rounds wrote:
>> I hate to brag, but those of us with Mac OS X can enter simple 
>> formulas  right in Mail. Just
>> choose Special Characters from the Edit menu. Double click on the 
>> character you want.
>     It is really a matter of personal preference.  I can do this too, 
> but given that I have the (La)TeX command burned into my brain I find it 
> much faster to type something like \exists than to move my hands to the 
> mouse pull down a menu and hunt for the exists symbol.

I do not want to spam TYPES any more, so I promise that this is my last mail on 
this topic but ...
... yes this was also my point: I can use Emacs TeX input mode (as Joe Wells 
suggested me some time ago) but then I have to cut and paste it in my e-mail 
window (since I do not like sending mails in Emacs), I could directly input 
unicode characters, but then I had to select them in pull down menus, character 
tables or remember the codepoints. So what I wanted was a solution that worked 
with what I currently do, that is putting Tex commands in my mails.

Let me just point out two advantages. You can easily customize it: so you may 
want to add, say, a line to the latex.utf file that states that whenever you 
write "->" it is replaced by an  arrow to the right; or you can disable 
autocompletion, for instance. Second it is quite complete since there are about 
380 latex commands recognized [no, I did not write them all, I just found on 
Internet an XML file with the correspondences of latex commands and codepoints 
and wrote a 5 lines CDuce program (for those who know) that generates the table.]

For OSX, well IIIMF works with X-Windows so in principle you should be able to 
use it under the XWindows that comes with Fink, but surely there must be far 
smarter ways.



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