[TYPES] ARSPA'05: Call for Participation

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Sun Jun 26 23:35:21 EDT 2005



                        The Second Workshop on
                       Automated Reasoning for
                      Security Protocol Analysis

                       co-located with ICALP'05
                           Lisboa, Portugal
                            July 16, 2005


                    *** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***

A large number of formal methods and tools have been developed that
have been quite successful in determining strengths and weaknesses of
many protocols, i.e. in proving the correctness of the protocols or in
identifying attacks on them.  The ARSPA workshop aims to bring
together researchers and practitioners from both the security and the
formal methods communities, from academia and industry, who are
working on developing and applying automated reasoning techniques and
tools for the formal specification and analysis of security protocols.


- Michael Backes, IBM Zurich 
  Justifying Formal Methods and Cryptography under Active Attacks, and
  Limitations Thereof

- John C. Mitchell, Stanford University 
  Protocol Analysis: Wireless Networking and Mobility


- Deconstructing Alice and Bob 
  Carlos Caleiro, Luca Vigano`, and David Basin

- A Syntactic Criterion for Injectivity of Authentication Protocols
  Cas Cremers, Sjouke Mauw, and Erik de Vink

- An Automata Based Approach for Verifying Information Flow Properties
  Deepak D'Souza, K.R. Raghavendra, and Barbara Sprick

- Towards an Independent Semantics and Verification Technology for the
  HLPSL Specification Language
  Alexey Gotsman, Fabio Massacci, and Marco Pistore

- Design and Analysis of Diffie-Hellman-Based Key Exchange Using
  One-time ID by SVO Logic
  Kenji Imamoto and Kouichi Sakurai

- Formalizing and Analyzing the Needham-Schroeder Symmetric-Key Protocol
  by Rewriting
  Monica Nesi and Giuseppina Rucci

- Static Validation of a Voting Protocol
  Christoffer Rosenkilde Nielsen, Esben Heltoft Andersen, and Hanne Riis

The workshop is supported by the IST Project AVISPA

We hope to you see you all in Lisbon!

Pierpaolo Degano and Luca Vigano`
(ARSPA'05 co-chairs)

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