[TYPES] [CfP] DisCoVeri - satellite event of CONCUR - August 26, 2005

Uwe Nestmann Uwe.Nestmann at epfl.ch
Thu Jul 14 13:26:24 EDT 2005

            (Distributed Algorithms meet Concurrency Theory)

               One-day satellite workshop of CONCUR 2005
                 San Francisco, USA, August 26, 2005

                Call for Participation & Contributions

Scope & Aims

The Distributed Algorithms community has, over the last decades, 
an impressing number of ingenious algorithms to solve truly hard 
and also has come up with numerous subtle impossibility results.  
much of this fascinating work (models, algorithms, results, proofs)
remained accessible only to insiders of the community.  The Concurrency
Theory community has, also over the last decades, developed and studied 
equally impressing amount of semantical models, theories, and 
techniques.  However, these theories have not yet had the desired 
impact on
a wider audience; in essence, there have not yet been enough examples of
non-trivial practical applications.

Interestingly---and unfortunately---this co-development happened mostly
independently with very little exchange between the two separate
communities.  Worse, although ultimately addressing similar problems,
different vocabularies and terminologies have been invented such that 
the communication between the communities is rendered difficult.  
the two communities would benefit from getting to know each other 
On the one hand, the Concurrency Theory community offers formal 
techniques and proximity to well-understood programming languages, and
would profit from proofs of applicability on tough examples.  On the 
hand, the Distributed Computing community offers challenging 
while the required proof work is quite likely to profit from formal
semantics techniques, especially the more recent ones.

Thus, the aim of this workshop is to invite the researchers of the two
communities to gently get to know the basic models, techniques, and
problems of each others fields, in order to achieve some 


The event takes place concurrently with the last day of CONCUR,
starting after the invited morning speaker of the main conference.

The workshop itself will consist of the four longer invited 
offered by

     Jean-Jacques Levy, INRIA (FR)
     Prakash Panangaden, McGill (CA)
     Fred Schneider, Cornell Univ. (US)
     Mark Tuttle, HP (US)

as well as short position statements by the other participants (best, by
all of them), with declared emphasis on much time for discussions.

Submission and participation

Written position statements in the form of a 1-4 pages summary are 
invited.  They should express the authors' opinion on the topic of the
workshop, open research areas in its scope, or other issues germane to 
topic of the workshop.  Explicit statements of opinion are encouraged.
Please send your position statement in ASCII, LaTeX, Postscript or PDF
format to Uwe.Nestmann at epfl.ch.

If submitted before August 4, 2005, written position statements may 
also be
distributed by the organizers during the workshop.  Last-minute written
position statements brought by the authors themselves for distribution 
site are also welcome.  Written position statements may be made 
both over the internet and attached to a post-workshop technical report
summarizing its outcome.  Otherwise, no formal proceedings are planned.

To ease our planning of the event, prior indication of your intention to
present a position statement (be it with or without a written 
is much appreciated before August 4, 2005.


Registration is handled by the CONCUR web site.  As a regular CONCUR
participant, there is a discount $80 on the standardized CONCUR 
event price of $125 (up to July 20) or $140 (afterwards).

Bernadette Charron-Bost (FR)
Yoram Moses (IL)
Uwe Nestmann (CH)
Catuscia Palamidessi (FR)

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