[TYPES] Call for participation - DBPL'05

Gavin Bierman gmb at microsoft.com
Fri Jul 15 09:59:01 EDT 2005

		   Call for participation: DBPL 2005

		 The 10th International Symposium on
		 Database Programming Languages (DBPL)


		      Co-located with VLDB 2005
			  Trondheim, Norway

			  August 28-29, 2005

Registration: Available from http://www.vldb2005.org/

Invited talk: "Patterns and Types for Querying XML documents"
              Giuseppe Castagna

Panel Session (joint with XSym'05): "Whither XML, ca. 2005?"

Accepted papers: (in no particular order)

Solmaz Kolahi.
Dependency-Preserving Normalization of Relational and XML Data 

Michael Levin, Benjamin Pierce.
Type-based Optimization for Regular Patterns 

Leopoldo Bertossi, Loreto Bravo, Enrico Franconi, Andrei Lopatenko.
Complexity and Approximation of Fixing Numerical Attributes in Databases
Under Integrity Constraints 

Michael Benedikt, Irini Fundulaki.
XML Subtree Queries: Specification and Composition 

Claus Brabrand, Anders Moller, Michael Schwartzbach.
Dual Syntax for XML Languages 

Benny Kimelfeld, Yehoshua Sagiv.
Efficiently Enumerating Results of Keyword Search 

Giorgio Busatto, Markus Lohrey, Sebastian Maneth.
Efficient Memory Representation of XML Documents 

Dario Colazzo, Carlo Sartiani.
Mapping Maintenance in XML P2P Databases 

Laurent Planque, Joachim Niehren, Jean-Marc Talbot, Sophie Tison.
N-ary Queries by Tree Automata 

John Foster, Michael Greenwald, Christian Kirkegaard, Benjamin Pierce,
Alan Schmitt.
Exploiting Schemas in Data Synchronization 

Sergio Flesca, Filippo Furfaro, Francesco Parisi.
Consistent query answers on numerical databases under aggregate

Floris Geerts, Wenfei Fan.
Satisfiability of XPath Queries with Sibling Axes 

Wim Martens, Joachim Niehren.
Minimizing Tree Automata for Unranked Trees 

Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio
Lenzerini, Riccardo Rosati.
Inconsistency Tolerance in P2P Data Integration: an Epistemic Logic

Jan Hidders, Stefania Marrara, Jan Paredaens, Roel Vercammen.
On the Expressive Power of XQuery Fragments 

Peter Thiemann.
A Type Safe DOM API 

Antonella Poggi, Serge Abiteboul.
XML Data Integration with Identification

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