[TYPES] [ICLP 2006] Call for WORKSHOP proposals

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              *** CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS ***


              Twenty Second International Conference
                    on Logic Programming

                      August 16-20, 2006
                   Seattle, Washington, USA

             URL: http://cs.engr.uky.edu/iclp06/

   Part of the Fourth Federated Logic Conference, FLoC 2006
	URL: http://research.microsoft.com/floc06/

ICLP'06, the 22nd International Conference on Logic Programming,
will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA, from August 16 to
August 20, 2006.  We plan to have several workshops together with
the conference.

Workshops play a key role in Logic Programming Conferences. They
provide an ideal platform for the presentation of preliminary
work or novel ideas in a less formal way than the conference
itself. They also are an opportunity to disseminate work in
progress, particularly for new researchers. Workshops also
provide a venue for presenting more specialized topics and
opportunities for more intensive discussions, exchange of ideas,
and project collaboration. The topics of the workshops can cover
any areas related to logic programming, including
cross-disciplinary areas.

To encourage active participation and exchange of ideas, the
workshops will be kept small, preferably under 40 participants.
The format of the workshop will be determined by the organizer(s)
proposing the workshop, but ample time must be allowed for
general discussion. Workshops can vary in length, but the optimal
duration will be half a day or a full day. Having two or three
co-organizers for a workshop is strongly advised.

Workshop Proposal:

The persons intending to organize a workshop at ICLP'06 are invited
to submit a workshop proposal. Proposals should be in English and
about two pages in length. They should contain:

  - Title of the workshop.
  - Brief technical description of the topics covered by the workshop.
  - Discussion of timeliness and relevance of the workshop.
  - Names, affiliations, and contact details (email, web page, phone,
    fax) of the workshop organizing committee together with a
    designated contact person as the workshop coordinator.
  - Preliminary plan/schedule for organizing the workshop, including
    the required number of half-days allotted to the workshop.
  - List of previously-organized related workshops by any of the
    workshop organizing committee. Although previous experience with
    organizing similar workshops is not required, this information will
    be helpful to the Workshop Chair.
  - Estimate of the number of expected attendees.

Proposals are expected in ASCII or LaTeX format. All proposals
should be submitted to the Workshop Chair by email by July 31st,
2006. As this deadline is already close, it is sufficient to
submit a draft by July 31st and a complete proposal by August

Workshop Organizers' Tasks:

  - Producing a "Call for Papers" for the workshop and posting it
    on the net and/or other means. 
  - Providing a web page URL which can be linked into the ICLP
    and FLoC home pages.
  - Providing a brief description of the workshop for the conference
  - Reviewing/accepting submitted papers.
  - Scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the local
    organizers and the workshop chair.

Reviewing Process:

Each submitted proposal is reviewed by the ICLP and FLOC Workshop
Chairs and the ICLP Conference Program Chairs. Proposals that
appear well-organized and that fit the goals and scope of ICLP
and FLOC will be selected.  The decision will be notified by
email to the responsible organizer by September 11, 2005.

The definitive length of the workshop will be planned according
to the number of submissions received by the different

Workshop Date and Location:

All workshops will take as part of the the fourth Federated Logic
Conference (FLoC'06) to be held in Seattle at the Seattle
Sheraton. Workshops for ICLP will be either at August 15, 2006 or
August 21/22, 2006 (the exact dates will be decide later).

Important Dates:

July 31,      2005: Draft proposal submission deadline 
August 21,    2005: Full proposal submission deadline 
September 11, 2005: Acceptance notification
August 15, 2006 and August 21/22, 2006: ICLP'06 workshops

Workshop Chair:

Christian Schulte

Institute for Microelectronics and Information Technology
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Isafjordsgatan 39, Electrum 229
164 40 Kista, Sweden

Phone: 	+46 (8) 790 4264 
Fax: 	+46 (8) 751 1793 

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