[TYPES] Geocal06: first announcement

Laurent Regnier regnier at iml.univ-mrs.fr
Tue Jul 26 05:27:59 EDT 2005

                              FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT

                   GEOMETRY OF COMPUTATION 2006 (Geocal06)

                         WINTER SCHOOL and WORKSHOPS
              on various aspects of Theoretical Computer Science

                      Monday January 30 - Friday March 3
                      CIRM(1), Luminy, Marseille, France


This special series of events, organised by the GEOCAL(2) project, will
consist in a 2 week winter school (4 courses), followed by a 3 week series of 9
thematic workshops.

The session intends to gather researchers interested in various topics of
theoretical computer science including logic, realisability, algorithmic
complexity, semantics of programming languages, algebraic methods for
concurrency, probabilistic transition systems, modelisation of biological

A more detailed description and a provisional programme are available on the
Geocal06 home page(3). Additional informations will be added as soon as

The lectures will be given at a post-graduate level, and are addressed to PhD
students and researchers in mathematics or theoretical computer science.

The workshops will be more specialized events, but will all include a general
introductory talk, accessible to non specialists.

Lodging at the CIRM(1) will be available for participants. A number of
fundings, especially for students, will be available as well. Preregistration
will be opened on the web site(2) at mid-september.

Thomas Ehrhard and Laurent Regnier
Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy

(1) http://www.cirm.univ-mrs.fr/
(2) http://iml.univ-mrs.fr/~ehrhard/geocal/
(3) http://iml.univ-mrs.fr/geocal06/

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