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            Call for Participation
The 15th Workshop on Logic-based methods in Programming Environments
WLPE'05     --    October 5, 2005    --    Sitges (Barcelona), Spain

The 15th Workshop on Logic-based methods in Programming Environments
will take place in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain as a satellite workshop of 
the 21th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2005).  
This workshop continues the series of successful international workshops 
on logic programming environments held in Ohio, USA (1989), Eilat, Israel (1990), 
Paris, France (1991), Washington, USA (1992), Vancouver, Canada (1993), 
Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy (1994), Portland, USA (1995), 
Leuven, Belgium and Port Jefferson, USA (1997), Las Cruces, USA (1999), 
Paphos, Cyprus (2001), Copenhagen, Denmark (2002), Mumbai, India (2003) 
and Saint Malo, France (2004).
The workshop aims at providing an informal meeting for the
researchers working on logic-based tools for development and analysis of
programs.  This year we want to emphasize two aspects: on one hand
we want to discuss the presentation, pragmatics and experiences of
such tools; on the other one, we want to shift the traditional focus on
environment tools for logic programming to logic-based environmental tools 
for programming in general. Specific topic areas relevant to the
workshop include, but not limited to, are: tools for debugging and
testing, tools for static and dynamic analysis, 
systems for program verification and validation, code
generation from specifications, termination and non-termination
analysers, reasoners on occurs-check freeness and determinacy,
profilers and performance analysers, systems for types and modes
analyses, module systems, optimization tools.

Accepted papers:

Title: A Tracer Driver to Debug, Monitor and Visualize Constraint Logic Programs
Authors: Ludovic Langevine and Mireille Ducassé

Title: A study of set-sharing analysis via clique
Authors: J. Navas, F. Bueno and M. Hermenegildo

Title : Proving or disproving likely invariants with constraint reasoning
Authors : Tristan Denmat - Arnaud Gotlieb - Mireille Ducass	

Title: An Improved Non-Termination Criterion for Binary Constraint Logic Programs
Authors: Etienne Payet and Fred Mesnard

Title: A Generic Framework for the Analysis and Specialization of Logic Programs
Authors: German Puebla, Manuel Hermenegildo and Elvira Albert

Title: "Enhancing the Alloy Analyzer with Patterns of Analysis"
Authors: William Heaven and Alessandra Russo

Title: Extending Prolog with Incomplete Fuzzy Information
Authors: Susana Munoz and Claudio Vaucheret


Please keep in mind that the deadline for early registration is July, 31.

Workshop organisers:
Susana Munoz-Hernandez, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain 
Alexander Serebrenik, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands 

Program Committee

Mireille Ducass'e (INSA/IRISA, Rennes, France),   
Moreno Falaschi (Universita di Siena),
Maria Garcia de la Banda (Monash University, Australia), 
Jose Manuel Gomez Perez (ISOCO, Spain),
Gopal Gupta (University of Texas at Dallas, U.S.A),  
Pat Hill (University of Leeds, U.K.),
Fred Mesnard (Universite de La Reunion, France),   
Susana Munoz-Hernandez (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), 
Kostis Sagonas (Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden)
Alexander Serebrenik (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands),  
Jan-Georg Smaus (Universitaet Freiburg, Germany),   
Peter Szeredi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary),
Wim Vanhoof (University of Namur, Belgium)
Event's Web homepage: http://lml.ls.fi.upm.es/$\sim$susana/Conferences/WLPE05/index.html


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