[TYPES] 4-year PhD Positions at UPM -- MOBIUS EU Project

MOBIUS PhD Grants mobiusgrants at clip.dia.fi.upm.es
Sat Jul 30 04:50:50 EDT 2005

            Announcement of up to three PhD Scholarships

                   to pursue PhD studies in the 
              CLIP group (http://clip.dia.fi.upm.es),
              Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
              in the context of the MOBIUS EU project


The CLIP  group at  the Technical University  of Madrid  (UPM) invites
applications for  up to three, fully funded,  4-year, PhD Scholarships
for qualified graduate students.

Candidates  should  have   graduated  in  Computer  Science,  Computer
Engineering, or  related fields prior to  the start of  their study at
UPM. The working language of  the group is English, and candidates can
be of any nationality.

The Ph.D. work will center around the research areas of the CLIP group
within the European research  project "MOBIUS", under the direction of
German Puebla and Manuel Hermenegildo.

The general  aim of  "MOBIUS: Mobility, Ubiquity  and Security"  is to
develop  a  framework for  establishing  trust  and  security of  Java
programs,  using the Proof  Carrying Code  paradigm. The  project will
start September 1, 2005 and will run for four years.

Within the MOBIUS  project, the research of the  CLIP group focuses on
Abstraction Carrying  Code, an Abstract  Interpretation based approach
to mobile code  safety. This involves the development  of new advanced
program analysis  techniques for security  and verification, including
resource consumption, both in terms of time and memory.

The   offered  scholarships   provide   excellent  opportunities   for
international collaboration since MOBIUS is a European project with 16
partners  from  10 countries.  Also,  the  CLIP  group is  active  and
international,  with  around 15  full-time  members  from 6  different

The  grants  include  academic  fees,  medical  care, plus a  tax-free
monthly  payment which  ranges from 1,100 to 1,600 euros, depending on

The  following  qualifications are  not  mandatory,  but increase  the
chances of success:

  * Experience with Java, Java bytecode, and JML
  * Knowledge of (Constraint) Logic Programming
  * Interest in software verification and security

Applications and information:
The  deadline for  applications is  September 26,  2005.  Applications
received  after this deadline  may be  considered if  the scholarships
have  not been filled  at the  time.  Applications  should be  sent to
mobius-phd-grants at clip.dia.fi.upm.es and include a curriculum vitae, a
listing  of  grades from  previous  studies,  a  brief description  of
research interests with regards to  the CLIP group and MOBIUS, and, if
at all  possible, letters of recommendation from  teachers or managers
that  the student  has worked  with.   The latest  information on  the
scholarships   and   the  application   process   can   be  found   at


  |      German Puebla      | http://clip.dia.fi.upm.es/~german |
  | Facultad de Informatica | Universidad Politecnica de Madrid |

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