[TYPES] A message from the moderator

Stephanie Weirich sweirich at cis.upenn.edu
Mon Aug 15 09:48:41 EDT 2005


Because of the large volume of spam that I have to go through each
day, I have decided to restrict postings for the TYPES forum to list
members only. Submissions not from list members will be automatically
rejected, whereas list member posts will continue to go through the
same moderation process.

If you are reading this message, this change should not affect you as
long as you remember to post using the address that you subscribed
with. If you need to update your subscription address, use the link at
the bottom of this message, or ask me
(types-list-owner at lists.seas.upenn.edu) for help.


Stephanie Weirich (TYPES forum moderator) 

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