[TYPES] postdoc position: arbitrary precision geometric computation

Michal Konecny m.konecny at aston.ac.uk
Thu Aug 18 11:57:10 EDT 2005

Dear colleagues,

The following research position may be of interest to the types
community since the project builds on domain-theoretical models of
arbitrary precision computation and involves designing a typed
programming meta-language with appropriate denotational semantics.

Best regards,

Michal Konecny

          Information Sciences Research Institute
              Aston University, Birmingham, UK

                      Research Fellow

         Computing with Arbitrary Precision Curves

              Closing date: 9th September 2005

An opportunity has arisen to work on the EPSRC funded
project "Computing with Arbitrary Precision Curves" recently
awarded to Dr M. Konecny. The successful candidate will work
as part of an Institute with an excellent track record in
both theoretical and multi-disciplinary applied computing


This project aims to further develop the theory and test the
efficiency of a new method of computation with smooth
objects such as curves or geometric shapes.  The main
characteristics of the approach are: arbitrary precision,
lazy evaluation, modularity and reliability.  The work will
build on the recent advances in the research on arbitrary
precision computation over the real numbers and other
continuous spaces.  The research fellow will, in cooperation
with the principal investigator, design innovative
representations of smooth objects and design and implement a
theoretically well-founded framework for computing with
these objects.  The research fellow will also design and
implement concrete algorithms, evaluate their performance
and study their complexity.

More information about the content of the project is in the case for 
support, available at:


Candidates need to have at least an undergraduate-level
grasp of real and functional analysis, computability,
computational complexity and programming language
semantics. They will also need to be an able programmer,
with a good practical knowledge of at least one modern
programming language, such as Haskell, ML, Ada or Java. The
candidates should have a PhD or be near to completion in
Theoretical Computer Science or another similar field.


Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr M. Konecny via
email: m.konecny AT aston.ac.uk.

Application forms and further particulars are available on
our personnel web site: http://www.aston.ac.uk/jobs/, or by
telephoning: 0121 359 0870 (24 hour answerphone), or by
email: b.a.power at aston.ac.uk, quoting reference number

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