[TYPES] Technical report on typed OO-FP programming

Ralf Lammel ralfla at microsoft.com
Tue Sep 13 02:09:49 EDT 2005

An extended technical report has been released at:
TR & software: http://homepages.cwi.nl/~ralf/OOHaskell/ 
TR: http://arxiv.org/abs/cs.PL/0509027 

"Haskell's overlooked object system"
10 September 2005, 79 pages

by O. Kiselyov (FNMOC, Monterey, CA, USA)
and R. Laemmel (Microsoft Corp., WA, USA)

This archived report covers these topics: the relation between
type-class-bounded + parametric polymorphism and subtype polymorphism;
OO programming in Haskell 98; OO programming with common Haskell 98
extensions; Haskell encodings of common OO idioms such as encapsulation,
mutable state, inheritance, overriding, statically checked implicit and
explicit subtyping; advanced OO features such as first-class lexically
scoped classes, implicitly polymorphic classes, flexible multiple
inheritance, safe downcasts and safe co-variant arguments, width and
depth, structural and nominal subtyping, type inference for object
types, safe value recursion.

Paper, abstract, and library available at the listed URLs

Feedback welcome


Oleg Kiselyov and Ralf Laemmel

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