[TYPES] PostDoc position in Bologna

Davide Sangiorgi Davide.Sangiorgi at cs.unibo.it
Thu Sep 15 09:40:46 EDT 2005

We are looking for a PostDoc researcher working on the
EU Global Computing project "Sensoria":
(the site is under construction).
In Bologna we will work on the general topic of 
process calculi/languages for distributed systems, 
including, for instance problems of types, security, verification, 
language development/implementation, etc.
The Bologna group involved in Sensoria includes:
Mario Bravetti, Nadia Busi, Paolo Ciancarini,
Maurizio Gabbrielli, Roberto Gorrieri,
Davide Sangiorgi, Gianluigi Zavattaro.

The position is for 1 year and can be extended to 2. 
It can start any time around end 2005.
Candidates are invited to send their CV to 
myself and Roberto Gorrieri (gorrieri at cs.unibo.it)
Candidates should hold a PhD in computer science;
research experience in programming languages and/or 
specification/verification techniques for concurrency 
would be appreciated.

Best regards,
Davide Sangiorgi

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