[TYPES] research position in logic and discrete maths

rené david rene.david at univ-savoie.fr
Fri Oct 21 03:15:16 EDT 2005

A "Maitre de Conférences" position will be available for the Logic group 
of the maths department of the University of Savoie in Chambery.

This position is destinated to reinforce our group.

The themes of research we are looking for are thus
- either the ones that have always be present in Chambery such as *proof 
theory* and *lambda caculus*
- or the new ones corresponding to discrete mathematics such as the 
combinatorics of, for example, words or the discrete plane, the discrete 
geometry and the general theory of coding.

The teaching assigments will be those of a maitre de conférences with 
lessons in "mathematical tools for computer science". For example, the 
person we are looking for will be in charge of courses as "data bases" 
or "Maths for computer science".
The courses should be  given in French.

Two conditions are necessary to get this position

- Be accepted on the so called "liste de qualification aux fonctions de 
Maitre de Conférences"
- Speak French reasonnably fluently.

This position is not yet official but, since it should appear officially 
only around February, we would like to have contact with possible 
candidates much before.

If you are interested by this position, please contact
- either laurent.vuillon at univ-savoie.fr
- or rene.david at univ-savoie.fr

For more informations on our laboratory visit  : www.lama.univ-savoie.fr
For more informations on our university visit :  www.univ-savoie.fr

Rene David and Laurent Vuillon

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