[TYPES] Semantics of Intersection Type

Simona Ronchi Della Rocca ronchi at di.unito.it
Fri Dec 2 10:33:12 EST 2005

> Interestingly, combining these two viewpoints on types is most  
> fruitful,
> in establishing for instance full abstraction results, like the
> classical one by Wadsworth regarding Scott's interpretation of the  
> pure
> lambda-calculus. A nice presentation of this is in Ronchi's lectures
> notes on "Basic Lambda Calculus" (1998? I don't know whether these  
> notes
> have been published).

The book "The Parametric Lambda Calculus", by Luca Paolini and myself
(texts in Theoretical Computer Science, Springer 2004) is partially  
based on these
A chapter in the book is dedicated to the interpretation of  
intersection types
as compact elements of Scott's models, and moreover some construction
of filter models is shown.

Best regards
Simona Ronchi

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