[TYPES] Call for papers -- FOAL 2006: Foundations ofAspect-Oriented Languages

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*** This workshop has attracted several contributions from the types at ... community in the past. Not surprisingly: type systems for AOP languages account for one routine topic at FOAL. ***

FOAL: Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Languages
Submission deadline: 25 January 2006

A one day workshop affiliated with AOSD 2006 in Bonn, Germany, on March 21, 2006.

Themes and Goals

FOAL is a forum for research in foundations of aspect-oriented programming languages. Areas of interest include but are not limited to: 

- Semantics of aspect-oriented languages
- Specification and verification for such languages
- Type systems
- Static analysis
- Theory of testing
- Theory of aspect composition
- Theory of aspect translation (compilation) and rewriting 

The workshop aims to foster work in foundations, including formal studies, promote the exchange of ideas, and encourage workers in the semantics and formal methods communities to do research in the area of aspect-oriented programming languages. All theoretical and foundational studies of this topic are welcome. 

The goals of FOAL are to: 
- Make progress on the foundations of aspect-oriented programming languages. 
- Exchange ideas about semantics and formal methods for aspect-oriented programming languages. 
- Foster interest within the programming language theory and types communities in aspect-oriented programming languages. 
- Foster interest within the formal methods community in aspect-oriented programming and the problems of reasoning about aspect-oriented programs. 

Workshop Format

The planned workshop format is primarily presentation of papers and group discussion. Talks will come in three categories: long (30 minutes plus 15 minutes of discussion), short (20 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion) and very short (7 minutes plus 3 minutes of discussion). The very short talks will allow for short presentations of topics for which results are not yet available, perhaps for researchers who are seeking feedback on ideas or seek collaborations.

We also plan to ensure sufficient time for discussion of each presentation by limiting the number of long talks and having only a few short talks.


Invitation to the workshop will be based on papers selected by the program committee; those wishing to attend but not having a paper to submit should contact the organizers directly to see if there is sufficient space in the workshop.

FOAL solicits full-length, short, and very short papers on all areas of formal foundations of AOP languages. Submissions will be read by the program committee and designated reviewers. Papers will be selected for long, short, and very short presentation at the workshop based on their length, scientific merit, innovation, readability, and relevance. Papers previously published or already being reviewed by another conference are not eligible. Some papers may not be selected for presentation, and some may be selected for presentation in shorter talks than their paper length would otherwise command. We will limit the length of paper presentations and the number of papers presented to make sure that there is enough time for discussion.

Papers presented at the workshop will be included in a technical report (from Iowa State University). Authors will retain their own copyright to the papers. Publication of papers at other venues will thus remain possible. We will also investigate having a special issue of a journal for revisions of selected papers after the workshop. 

Authors should note the following details:

- Submissions are due no later than 23:00 GMT, Friday, 25 January, 2006. This is a firm deadline.
- Authors must indicate whether they wish to be considered for a long, short, or very short presentation. 
- Papers for long presentations must not exceed 10 pages in length; those for short presentations must not exceed 5 pages in length, and those for very short presentations must not exceed 3 pages in length. 
- Some papers may not be selected for presentation, and some may be selected for presentation in shorter talks than requested. 
- We encourage use of the ACM Conference format for submissions, as this will be required for accepted papers. You must add page numbers (which are not part of the standard format) to your submissions, to make adding comments easier. 
- Submissions are to be sent as PDF (preferred) or postscript attachments in an email to Curtis Clifton, clifton -at- rose-hulman -dot- edu. 

We will notify the corresponding author of papers that are selected for presentation at the workshop by 10 February 2006. The early registration deadline for AOSD will be 17 February 2006. FOAL attendees must be registered for AOSD. Final versions of papers for the proceedings will be due on 7 March 2006. 

Important Dates

* Submission Deadline 23:00 GMT, 25 January 2006
* Notification of Acceptance 10 February 2006
* AOSD Early Registration Deadline 17 February 2006
* Final Versions of Papers due 7 March 2006
* Workshop 21 March 2006

Program Committee 

* Mira Mezini (PC Chair) - Darmstadt University of Technology
* Jonathan Aldrich - Carnegie Mellon University
* Don Batory - University of Texas, Austin
* Paulo Borba - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
* Curtis Clifton - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
* Marc Eaddy - Columbia University
* Robby Findler - University of Chicago
* Matthew Flatt - University of Utah
* Pascal Fradet - INRIA
* Alan Jeffrey - Bell Labs
* Shmuel Katz - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
* John Lefor - Microsoft Research
* Karl Lieberherr - Northeastern University
* Todd Millstein - University of California, Los Angeles
* Oege de Moor - Oxford University
* Hridesh Rajan - Iowa State University
* David Walker - Princeton University
* Mitchell Wand - Northeastern University 


* Gary T. Leavens - Iowa State University
* Ralf Lämmel - Microsoft
* Curtis Clifton - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

For more information, visit the FOAL Workshop home page at http://www.cs.iastate.edu/FOAL.

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