[TYPES] stricter moderation...?

Matthias Felleisen matthias at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Dec 22 08:50:51 EST 2005

On Dec 21, 2005, at 12:10 PM, David J. Pym wrote:

> [The Types Forum, 
> http://lists.seas.upenn.edu/mailman/listinfo/types-list]
> I would suggest very little moderation (otherwise known as censorship)

An accusation of "censorship" for Eijiro Sumii's proposal is completely 
out of place. Moderation is hard labor that provides a valuable 
service: it accelerates my information processing. Furthermore, an 
abuse of the word "censorship" like that makes it a useless accusation 
when it is needed. This kind of abuse can only be committed by people 
who have never experienced real censorship.

Having said that, I find Stephanie's policy of "you can post if you 
subscribe" just fine.

-- Matthias

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