[TYPES] [Request-for-Comments] Cat : A Typed Functional Stack-Based Language

Christopher Diggins cdiggins at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 00:52:26 EST 2007

I am writing to request comments and criticisms of my paper "Cat: A
Typed Functional Stack Based Language". The abstract follows:

"Stack-based application languages, such as Forth and Postscript,
traditionally have provided little or no support for functional
programming and have lacked a formal static type system. This changed
when Manfred von Thun introduced Joy, a functional stack-based
language, and Stephan Becher provided an implementation of
StrongForth, a dialect of Forth with an informal type system. This
paper introduces the semantics and type system for a pure functional
programming language which is entirely stack based"

This is my first attempt at a scholarly article, so even what might be
considered "obvious" suggestions would still be much appreciated.

Christopher Diggins

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