[TYPES] XPath typing

Pierre Geneves pierre.geneves at inria.fr
Tue Feb 20 01:53:40 EST 2007

Dear TYPES readers,

We are happy to announce a new paper on XPath typing. In this paper we prove
the decidability of a modal logic with converse for finite trees and present
an algorithm using symbolic techniques (BDDs), that we use for the static
analysis of XPath in the presence of regular tree types.


We will present the paper at PLDI'07 and would be especially interested in
any feedback on the paper before the final submission due on March 26.

Best regards,
Pierre Geneves

Pierre Geneves, Ph.D. <pierre.geneves at inria.fr> +33 (0)4 76 61 52 45.  INRIA
Rhone-Alpes, 655 avenue de l'Europe, Montbonnot 38334 St Ismier Cedex,
France, http://www.pierresoft.com/pierre.geneves

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