[Unison-hackers] unison major and minor version numbers (need > 2.17?)

Seth Teller teller at csail.mit.edu
Wed Mar 7 09:29:22 EST 2007


i'm writing with a question about unison version numbers,
one which is not (fully) addressed by the FAQ.

we are running 2.17.1 at MIT -- on personal laptops which
are administered privately, and on a lab-shared AFS server,
which is administered centrally.  i am experiencing fatal
errors when trying to initialize unison from two large
directory trees that differ slightly.  running unison with
-debug all and -debug verbose gives me no better clue as
to what is going wrong.  i have been advised to upgrade to
a newer unison.

i found compiled windows+GTK 2.27.1 binaries posted (see
below), but our sysadmins want the source code themselves.
i understand that one can do an svn checkout and build, and
it seems that the minor version number is auto-incremented.
but where did the major number 27 come from?  is that
something that is propagated by some core set of developers?
and if so, can someone point me to "blessed" 2.27.X source?


seth teller

> Background thread:


it seems that only the first two version components are
compared (see below).  i'll find out what the deal is
with 2.17 vs. 2.27.



 From the unison FAQ:
I get something like 'Fatal error: Received unexpected header from the
server: expected "Unison 2.13\n" but received "Unison
2.17\n\000\000\000\000", which differs at "Unison 2.17".'

The versions of unison running on the server and the client must
match. (Specifically, the first two components of the version number
must match exactly: versions 2.24.6 and 2.24.10 will happily talk to
each other, but 2.17.3 and 2.24.10 will not). If all you need is the
textual user interface, compiling binaries for most distributions is

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On 6 mars 07, at 23:37, Seth Teller wrote:

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> hello --
> at
> http://alan.petitepomme.net/projets/unison/assets/Unison-2.27.1- Gtk.zip
> you have posted a compiled version of unison.  can you
> point me to the source repository from which you
> compiled it?  also, how did you generate the version
> number 2.27.1 -- was it associated with the source
> version, or did you assign it yourself?

The version number is generated automatically, and I think it was
compiled from the current source in SVN (I'm not the one who
generated this version).



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Quoting Noah Meyerhans via RT <help at csail.mit.edu>:

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> On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 03:10:48PM -0500, Seth Teller via RT wrote:
>> i found a built 2.271.1 GTK version at
>>    http://alan.petitepomme.net/projets/unison/index.html
> Which doesn't necessarily help.  We really need the source.  That site
> only has binaries for OS X and Windows.
> It seems like everybody who's ever released a pre-compiled binary has
> changed the version string.  Given how strict unison is about version
> matches, this is a real problem.  Since the most recent version of
> unison, as released by the actual unison developers, is 2.17.1, I
> wouldn't recommend that you use anything other than that, nor would I
> be comfortable installing anything else universally in CSAIL.
> Since there don't seem to be any pre-compiled versions of 2.27.1 for
> Linux, nor does the source code seem to exist, I'm not sure there's
> much we can do.
> noah
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