[Unison-hackers] Updated MAC frontend (based on trunk)

Markus Groß mgross at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Thu Dec 3 02:07:58 EST 2009

On 03.12.2009, at 02:50, Benjamin Pierce wrote:

>> On 30.11.2009, at 22:25, Benjamin Pierce wrote:
>>> If your version is up to date with the trunk repository, then there's
>>> no merging to be done, right?  It's just a matter of making sure your
>>> version is working as well or better than the current one and then
>>> overwriting...?
>>> Have you changed anything outside of the /uimacnew subdirectory?
>> My version is up to date (r389) so basically the changes could be  
>> comitted without any conflict.
>> I changed nothing outside the uimacnew directory and tested my  
>> version using my own profiles.
>> I didn't ran into any problems but that doesn't have to mean the  
>> changes I made are bug-free.
>> The changes however are mostly related to gui code, so the  
>> synchronisation process/algorithm should work the same as before.
> It would be pretty easy to keep both the current uimacnew and your  
> version in parallel (i.e., include yours as uimac09 or something), so  
> that people can try yours without losing the ability to roll back to  
> the other if they prefer it.

Sounds good :)

- Markus

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