[TYPES] FGJ interpreter

Matthias Felleisen matthias at ccs.neu.edu
Sun Jan 9 13:27:21 EST 2005

Alexandra, Richard has built a PLT Redex implementation (a reduction 
semantics) for ClassicJava. If you cut out interfaces, assignments, and 
a few more things you have an FGJ interpreter. See Richard at POPL or 
hop on the T and visit him for a demo. -- Matthias

On Jan 8, 2005, at 5:02 PM, Alexandra Stefan wrote:

> [The Types Forum, 
> http://lists.seas.upenn.edu/mailman/listinfo/types-list]
>     Together with my advisor (Assaf Kfoury), we are interested in an
> interpreter/compiler for Featherweight Generic Java (FGJ). We would 
> like
> to know if someone has built or is currently building such an 
> interpreter.
>     Thank you,
>     Alexandra Stefan

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