[TYPES] Latex input mode

Joe Wells jbw at macs.hw.ac.uk
Fri May 27 14:33:14 EDT 2005

apostolo at obelix.ee.duth.gr writes:

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> On Thu, 26 May 2005, Norman Ramsey wrote:
> > Indeed.  By dint of prowling Google, I actually managed to read
> > Beppe's mail---but my font didn't have any of the interesting symbols,
> > so everything except 'x' and '.' came out blank.  Can anyone recommend
> > a font to be used on Linux for reading such email?
> First it is not a Linux specific problem: All OSes support common font
> formats. Now, a suitable font is Free Monospaced from the Free
> Software Foundation.

Unfortunately, FreeMono is badly hinted and looks horrible with
sub-pixel aliasing.

There is Everson Mono Unicode, which has very complete coverage of
Unicode.  However, it not well hinted (better than FreeMono though),
and unfortunately has a non-free license and hence is not an option

The only good solutions so far are bitmap fonts.

It is worthwhile finding a solution.  My productivity has gone up
since being able to simply write typing rules directly in e-mail.  :-)

Joe Wells

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