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                        Call for Participation

                             CONCUR 2005

         16th International Conference on Concurrency Theory

              San Francisco, CA, USA, August 23-26, 2005


CONCUR 2005, the 16th International Conference on Concurrency Theory,
will take place in San Francisco, California, on August 23-26, 2005.
Eleven workshops will be held in affiliation with CONCUR 2005.

IMPORTANT: The early registration deadline is July 20th.

The purpose of the CONCUR series of conferences is to bring together
researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory
of concurrency, and promote its applications (in a broad
sense). Topics include (but are not limited to):

  * Basic models and logics of concurrent and distributed computation
    (such as process algebras, Petri nets, domain-theoretic or
    game-theoretic models, modal and temporal logics).

  * Specialized or enriched models (such as circuits, synchronous
    systems, real-time and hybrid systems, stochastic systems,
    databases, mobile and migrating systems, parametric protocols,
    security protocols).

  * Related verification techniques and tools (such as state-space
    exploration, model-checking, synthesis, abstraction, automated
    deduction, testing).

  * Related programming models (such as distributed, constraints or
    object-oriented, graph rewriting, as well as associated type
    systems, static analyses, abstract machines, and environments).

CONCUR 2005 features four invited talks:

    Rajeev Alur (UPenn, joint CONCUR/SPIN speaker):
    "The benefits of exposing calls and returns"

    Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research, Cambridge):
    "A Compositional Approach to the Stochastic Dynamics of Gene

    Christos Papadimitriou (UC Berkeley):
    "Games Other People Play"

    Dawson Engler (Stanford University, joint CONCUR/SPIN speaker):
     Title to be announced.

In addition to these invited talks, 38 papers have been selected for
presentation at CONCUR 2005; the preliminary program is available at
the conference web site (http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/concur05/).

Eleven workshops will be affiliated with CONCUR 2005:

  * SPIN: International SPIN Workshop on Model Checking of Software.
    Contact: Patrice Godefroid <god at bell-labs.com>

  * BioCONCUR:  Workshop on Concurrent Models in Molecular Biology.
    Contacts: Bud Mishra <mishra at nyu.edu>, Corrado Priami <priami at dit.unitn.it>

  * DisCoVeri: Distributed Algorithms meet Concurrency Theory.
    Contact: Uwe Nestmann <Uwe.Nestmann at epfl.ch>

  * EXPRESS: International Workshop on Expressivity in Concurrency.
    Contact: Jos Baeten <josb at win.tue.nl>

  * FIT: Foundations of Interface Technology.
    Contacts: Marielle Stoelinga <marielle at ewi.utwente.nl>, Jakob
    Rehof <rehof at microsoft.com>, Holger Hermanns <hermanns at cs.uni-sb.de>

  * FOCLASA: International Workshop on Foundations of Coordination
    Languages and Software Architectures.
    Contacts: Mirko Viroli <mviroli at deis.unibo.it>,
    Carlos Canal <canal at lcc.uma.es>

  * GETCO: Seventh workshop on Geometric and Topological Methods in Concurrency.
    Contacts: Ulrich Fahrenberg <uli at math.aau.dk>

  * GT-VC: Graph Transformation for Verification and Concurrency.
    Contact: Arend Rensink <rensink at cs.utwente.nl>

  * INFINITY: International Workshop on Verification of Infinite-State Systems.
    Contacts: Jiri Srba <srba at cs.aau.dk>, Scott Smolka <sas at cs.sunysb.edu>

  * MoChArt: Workshop on Model Checking and Artificial Intelligence.
    Contact: Charles Pecheur <pecheur at info.ucl.ac.be>

  * SecCo: 3rd International Workshop on Security Issues in Concurrency.
    Contacts: Michael Backes <MBC at zurich.ibm.com>, Andre Scedrov <scedrov at math.upenn.edu>

CONCUR 2005 Conference Chair:  Luca de Alfaro (UC Santa Cruz)

CONCUR 2005 Program Committee:

   Martín Abadi (co-chair)    UC Santa Cruz
   Christel Baier             Universität Bonn
   Jos Baeten                 Eindhoven University of Technology
   Albert Benveniste          IRISA/INRIA
   Luis Caires                Universidade Nova de Lisboa
   Giuseppe Castagna          CNRS/École Normale Supérieure
   Marsha Chechik             University of Toronto
   Vincent Danos              CNRS/Université Paris VII
   Luca de Alfaro (co-chair)  University of California, Santa Cruz
   Javier Esparza             University of Stuttgart
   Cédric Fournet             Microsoft Research, Cambridge
   Dimitra Giannakopoulou     NASA Ames Research Center
   Anna Ingólfsdóttir         Aalborg University
   Radha Jagadeesan           DePaul University
   Bengt Jonsson              Uppsala University
   Antonin Kucera             Masaryk University
   Orna Kupferman             Hebrew University
   Cosimo Laneve              Università di Bologna
   Kim Larsen                 Aalborg University
   John Mitchell              Stanford University
   Ugo Montanari              Università di Pisa
   Catuscia Palamidessi       INRIA Futurs & LIX
   Prakash Panangaden         McGill University
   Shaz Qadeer                Microsoft Research, Redmond
   Vijay Saraswat             IBM TJ Watson Research Lab
   Vladimiro Sassone          University of Sussex
   Philippe Schnoebelen       CNRS/École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
   Frits Vaandrager           Radboud University Nijmegen
   Mahesh Viswanathan         University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
   Igor Walukiewicz           Université Bordeaux
   Glynn Winskel              University of Cambridge

CONCUR Steering Committee:

   Roberto Amadio             University of Provence
   Jos Baeten                 Eindhoven University of Technology
   Eike Best                  Oldenburg University
   Kim Larsen                 Aalborg University
   Ugo Montanari              Università di Pisa
   Scott Smolka               SUNY Stony Brook


CONCUR 2005 - concur05 at soe.ucsc.edu

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