[TYPES] First release of AlphaCaml

Francois Pottier Francois.Pottier at inria.fr
Thu Jun 9 19:38:46 EDT 2005

Dear all,

[You are receiving this message because I believe you have some
interest in Objective Caml and/or in alpha-conversion issues.]

It is my pleasure to announce the initial release of alphaCaml.

AlphaCaml is a tool that turns a so-called ``binding specification'' into an
Objective Caml compilation unit. A binding specification resembles an
algebraic data type declaration, but also includes information about names and
binding. AlphaCaml is meant to help writers of interpreters, compilers, or
other programs-that-manipulate-programs deal with alpha-conversion in a safe
and concise style.

In short, alphaCaml can be understood as an alternative to Fresh Objective
Caml. It takes the form of a code generator and a library, instead of a set of
patches to the compiler and runtime system. Furthermore, its binding
specification language is more expressive.

An introduction to alphaCaml is available at


The source code is available at


Installation requires Objective Caml and findlib. A GODI
package should also be available soon -- watch out for it.

This is an initial release. There is a lot of progress to be made. Comments,
suggestions, and criticism are welcome. Authors of systems (written in
Objective Caml) where alpha-conversion is an issue are warmly encouraged to
try it out and to make their impressions public!

Best regards,

François Pottier
Francois.Pottier at inria.fr

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