[TYPES] REMINDER: ASE05 calls for Tutorial, Workshop, Doctoral Symposium and Demo are due Jun 17

Yunwen Ye yunwen at l3d.cs.colorado.edu
Mon Jun 13 23:10:36 EDT 2005

The submission due date for Tutorials, Tool Demonstrations,
Workshop Proposals, and Doctoral Symposium is

     Jun. 17, 2005 

20th IEEE/ACM International Conference on
        November 7-11, 2005
     Long Beach, California, USA
The IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software 
Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners to share
ideas on the foundations, techniques, tools, and applications of  
automated software engineering technology. We invite contributions 
that address theoretical foundations, practical techniques, software 
tools, applications and/or experience reports in automated software 
engineering. ASE2005 will include technical papers, invited talks, 
tutorials, workshops, tool demonstrations, and a doctoral symposium.

General Chair
    David Redmiles (redmiles at ics.uci.edu)
    University of California, Irvine, CA, USA 

Program Co-Chairs
    Andrea Zisman (a.zisman at soi.city.ac.uk)
    City University London, UK 

    Tom Ellman (thellman at vassar.edu)
    Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA 

Call for Workshops
We invite submissions of workshop proposals. The workshops 
co-located with the conference should provide an opportunity for 
exchanging views, advancing ideas, and discussing preliminary results 
on topics related to software engineering research and applications. 
Workshops should not be seen as an alternative forum for presenting 
full research papers. The workshops co-located with the conference 
will be held before the conference on Nov. 7-8, 2005. 
A workshop may last one or two days.
Please send proposals to both Workshop chairs by emails. Proposals for 
organizing workshops should be prepared following the guidelines 
available at 
or contact the Workshops chairs for more information. 
    Workshop proposal deadline:         June 17, 2005
    Workshop proposal notification:     July 11, 2005
    Launch of calls for papers of accepted workshops (latest date):	
                                        July 18, 2005	
    Workshop paper submission deadline: August 19, 2005
    Workshop paper notification date:   September 19, 2005
    Final camera-ready copy of papers for workshop proceedings:
                                        October 15, 2005
Workshop Chairs
    George Spanoudakis (gespan at soi.city.ac.uk)
    Department of Computing, City University, UK

    Dimitra Giannakopoulou (dimitra at email.arc.nasa.gov)
    RIACS/NASA Ames Research Center, USA

Call for Tutorials
We invite half-day/full-day tutorials addressing theoretical
foundations, practical techniques, software tools, and applications in
areas related to the ASE topics. A Tutorial program that gives attendees
the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge and skills on evolving
and emerging research topics in the area of automated software
engineering will be an essential part of the ASE2005. The Tutorials are
scheduled for Nov. 7-8, 2005 before the conference. Tutorials are 
intended to provide independent instruction on a relevant theme, 
therefore no commercial or sales-oriented presentations will be accepted. 

Submit tutorial proposals by emails to both Tutorial chairs. See
or contact the Tutorial chairs for more information.

Submission date: June 17, 2005
Notification date: July 11, 2005

Tutorial Chairs
    Willem Visser (wvisser at email.arc.nasa.gov)
    RIACS/NASA Ames Research Center, USA

    Henry Muccini (muccini at di.univaq.it)
    University of L'Aquila, Italy

Call for Tool Demonstrations
Tools are central to automated software engineering, and thus formal 
tool demonstrations play a prominent role within the conference.  We 
solicit proposals for tool demonstrations related to automated 
software engineering. Tools can range from alpha-versions to fully 
developed products (but commercial products and tools currently being 
commercialized cannot be accepted;  contact the demo chairs if 
clarification is desired).  We especially encourage submitting tool 
demonstration proposals in addition to technical papers.  A tool 
demonstration provides a good opportunity to show how the scientific 
approach presented in the paper has been transferred into a running 
tool prototype.

All submissions should be sent by email to both Demo chairs. See 
or contact the Demo chairs for further information.

Submission date: June 17, 2005
Notification date: August 1, 2005
Camera-ready due date: September 2, 2005

Demo Chairs
    Alexander Egyed (aegyed at ieee.org)
    Teknowledge Corp., Marina Del Rey, CA, USA
    Thomas A. Alspaugh (alspaugh at ics.uci.edu)
    University of California, Irvine, USA
Call for Doctoral Symposium
The ASE2005 Doctoral Symposium seeks to bring together PhD students
working on foundations, techniques, tools and applications of 
automated software engineering and give them the opportunity to 
present and to discuss their research with researchers in the ASE 
community in a constructive atmosphere. Specifically, the symposium 
aims to provide a setting whereby students receive feedback on their
research and guidance on future directions from a broad group of 
advisors, foster a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of 
collaborative research, and contribute to the conference goals through 
interaction with other researchers and conference events.

The Doctoral Symposium will be held on Nov. 7, two days before the 
main conference. Selected students will present their work and receive 
constructive feedback from a panel of advisors and other Doctoral 
Symposium students. Note that advisors of student presenters will not 
be allowed to attend their student's presentations. In addition to 
scientific matters, students will have the opportunity to seek advice 
on various aspects of completing a PhD and performing research as a 
young professional in automated software engineering.

Submissions should be emailed to both Doctoral Symposium chairs. See
or contact the Doctoral Symposium chairs for more details.

Deadline for submission : June 17, 2005
Notification of acceptance : August 1, 2005
Camera-ready paper due : September 2, 2005
Symposium Presentations : November 7, 2005 

Doctoral Symposium Chairs
    Steve Easterbrook (sme at cs.toronto.edu)
    University of Toronto, Canada
    Sebastian Uchitel (s.uchitel at doc.ic.ac.uk)
    Imperial College London, UK


  Jun 17: Submission deadline for Tutorials, Tool Demonstrations, 
          Workshop Proposals, and Doctoral Symposium

  Nov 7 : Doctoral Symposium
  Nov 7-8: Workshops
  Nov 7-8: Tutorials
  Nov 9-11: Main Conference
For further information, please visit the conference website
or contact
    Yunwen Ye (yunwen at colorado.edu), ASE2005 Publicity Chair

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