[TYPES] postdoc on component-based embedded systems at Verimag (France)

Radu Iosif radu.iosif at imag.fr
Sat Nov 19 14:17:24 EST 2005

Verimag is opening two post-doctoral research positions on 
component-based construction of embedded systems. The researchers will 
be integrated in a project based on existing results, and develops a 
rigorous and general framework for component-based modeling, design and 
implementation. The aims of the project include:

• Developing a construction framework encompassing heterogeneity and 
specific styles and paradigms, e.g.

§ synchronous and asynchronous execution

§ heterogeneous interaction (strong, weak, event-driven, state-driven)

§ architecture styles e.g., client-server, blackboard architecture

• Studying correctness-by-construction results for deadlock-freedom, 
liveness and general safety properties

• Providing automated support for component integration and generation 
of glue code meeting given requirements

• Specialization for specific needs and applications (performance, 
wireless, adaptive systems)

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Joseph Sifakis 
(sifakis at imag.fr <mailto:sifakis at imag.fr>,


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