[Unison-hackers] hash size in Unison archives?

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Sun Nov 30 06:53:39 EST 2008

On 30 nov. 08, at 10:06, Chuck Smith wrote:

> Hi,
> You may use this bit of information in your Unison presentation to  
> the Mac
> users:
> Unison has been cheerfully synchronizing web files between a certain  
> large
> airline's HQ in Chicago and a certain airport in Denver for the past  
> 19
> months.
> As an aside, we have two servers synchronizing from the remote server
> without any performance glitches.  All I had to do was run my script  
> with
> Unison on each of my servers to achieve this redundancy.
> Unison rocks!

Thanks for the info.

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