[TYPES] workshop on invertibility of terms -- call for registration

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Wed Oct 12 11:34:18 EDT 2005

  	         ***   WIT 2005   ***

  International Workshop on Invertibility of Lambda-Terms

               IRIT, Toulouse  (France)
                  28-29 October 2005

              (A small "Types" workshop)


For those who missed previous announcements: a brief  presentation
of the workshop.

The study of invertibility of lambda-terms and related
subjects such as isomorphism of types, retractions and
subtyping takes important place in type theory. It
is related to number theory, algebra and category theory, and it
has applications to information retrieval systems,
automatic code generation, data transformations and
coding. This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on
these subjects, to assess the current state of the art and
identify open problems and future research directions.

There will be space for talks presenting original work,
work in progress, applications, survey of previous works.
We plan to provide sufficient time for discussions. Details on
paper submission will be given in a further announcement.

Papers presented at the workshop will be published on the
web site of the workshop and may be selected for submission,
in complete and revised form, to a special issue of an
international journal, in case their number and quality
justify it.

The workshop is conceptually a continuation to the Workshop
on Isomorphism of Types, WIT2002.

We hope that the special issue of MSCS with selected papers on
isomorphism of types (post-proceedings of WIT2002) will appear
to the time of the workshop.

The workshop is supported by the department STIC/CNRS,
European "Types" project,   and
IRIT/Université Paul Sabatier. Please, note that our group at
IRIT is a subsite of "Types" project and the members of "Types"
can apply for support at their sites.

Limited funds for travel and/or accommodation are available.

Registration is free (no registration fee).

The workshop will take place on Friday (28.10) afternoon and Saturday
(29.10) morning.
The talks by Th. Altenkirch, F. Barral, M. Fiore, J. de Lataillade,
Y. Luo,  Z. Luo, R. Matthes are planned. (Exact schedule to be sent in a
few days.)

International Workshop on Invertibility of Lambda-Terms
                 Toulouse, France, 28-29 October 2005

                          *** REGISTRATION FORM ***

Please fill-in the details, and send the form to Sergei Soloviev
(soloviev at irit.fr).

Last name:
First name:


Date (and hour, if on the 28th) of arrival:
Date (and hour, if on the 29th) of departure:

I will participate in the (free) conference
dinner on Friday evening:


Organising/program committee:

    R. Di Cosmo (Paris-VII and INRIA Rocquencourt, France)
    M. Dezani-Ciancaglini (University of Turin)
    G. Longo (ENS, Paris, France)
    S. Soloviev (IRIT, Toulouse, France)

Local organisation:

    S. Soloviev
    L. Méhats
    F. Barral


    Sergei Soloviev
    Université Paul Sabatier
    118, route de Narbonne,
    31062 Toulouse
    E-mail: soloviev at irit.fr
    Tel: (+33) 5 61 55 62 55
    Fax: (+33) 5 61 55 62 58

Web site http://www.irit.fr/zeno/WIT2005
Information about previous workshop WIT2002,
and IRIT Zeno group (now part of larger group Acadie)

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